Displaying selected variables in the Graph Tab

This is a question from https://pmuconnectiontester.codeplex.com/discussions/350367 , but it didn’t have response and i this is my problem too now.

A very basic question, i am able to get connected to external device and
could see the data transfer and hence graphs in graph tab, however
there are many graphs getting displayed together like voltage of three
phases and current of three phases are getting
displayed together, now i want to see the display of only few selected
variables as per my requirement say only voltage of phase A, how can i
change this setting to have selected display in graph Tab?

**My second issue is, i am connected to a National Instruments 9725 PMU and it has up to 24 variables that PMU Connection Tester is reading, but i want to change the names of each variable in the Phase Angle Graph because i am having problems to identify the phasor i am going to use as a reference. I have the 4.5.5 version of PMU Connection Tester.

Thank you for the help!**

The PMU Connection Tester was not really designed for detailed analysis of PMU data, but rather as a diagnostic tool for validating connectivity to PMU devices. It is an open source project so it would be possible for you to make modifications to the source code to tweak the inner workings of the tool, but there is no built-in functionality to do what you’ve described.

I was able to modify the information the NI9725 is sending to my computer and in that way, control what i want to see.
It would be interesting to modify the source code and obtain the funcionality of choose specific data in real-time, but well, maybe for another occasion.

Thank you for your response!