Disable Real time Data

Hello Sir,
I am using connection tester to test the open PDC test stream. The stream is visible in PMU connection tester. Now I would like to use ‘Disable Real time Data’ command. When I send this command from connection tester, the open PDC console gives the message:

Request for "Disable Real Time Data from DELL ( was ignored - concentrator data channel is set for auto-start.

Please let me know how to disable and enable the stream after the TCP connection has been established.


Hello Nagarajan,

There is an option in the openPDC output stream called Auto Start Data Channel which causes openPDC to automatically start streaming data when the client connects to the TCP channel. Enabling this option causes the openPDC to ignore all commands related to starting and stopping the data channel. If you want to be able to start and stop the data channel manually, you will need to deselect this option.