Debugging messages for custom action adapter

I’m wondering if openPDC has any debug/status logs? I want to print some debug message from my adapter to see if it is being initialized and it is loading the right parameters. Any other debugging tips and tricks would be appreciated.

The reason I’m asking is because I’m developing a custom action adapter to do some calculations from input phasors and then return the results as calculated measurements. The adapter is designed to load the settings (the input and output measurement GUIDs) from tables loaded into the DataSource property. I am able to compile the DLL and load it into openPDC, but I’m not getting any numbers on the calculated measurements that I defined.

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If you place calls to the OnStatusMessage() or OnProcessException() methods in your adapter, those messages will be visible in the openPDC Console and the StatusLog.txt file. Additional details about exceptions provided to the OnProcessException() method will be made visible in the ErrorLog.txt file. Information you return from the GetShortStatus() method and the Status property of your adapter can be obtained using the LIST command or the STATUS command in the openPDC Console. A snapshot of the STATUS command is captured in the Status.txt file every 30 minutes.

You can also use the LogFileViewer tool to view and filter detailed log messages found in the *.logz files located in the Logs folder. Additionally, the source code for that tool is available in GSF if you’d like to try to access them yourself programmatically.

Thanks for the info. I found out what the problem is (the database view I was trying to load as part of the ConfigurationEntity didn’t have the NodeID column). Now my adapter works.