Data can not archive in openPDC

I am trying to add a virtual PMU into openPDC.I tested this PMU by PMU Connection Tester,and it shown like this picture:

But when I added this PMU into openPDC,I got this from remote system console

I could see some real-time data in graph measurement but some data didn’t have value.

Looks like device data is coming in out of order - the 1.0 historian that is built-in to openPDC does not support out of order measurements. You might want to check your PMU time source.

Otherwise, just use the openHistorian 2.0 to archive the data - this newer archive tool does support out of order insertions. Also, you can just use an STTP subscription to directly connect to you openPDC from openHistorian to start immediately archiving data. To do this:

  1. Install openHistorian
  2. Open the openHistorian Manager (UI tool from Start Menu - not web UI)
  3. Go to Inputs > Subscription Based Inputs > Create Internal Subscription
  4. Enter:
    a. Acronym: OPENPDC
    b. Name: openPDC System
    c. Hostname: IP of openPDC (or localhost if installed on same system)
    d. Port: 7165
    e. Select: STTP
    f. Uncheck Use Source Prefix "OPENPDC!"
    g. Click Next the click Save
  1. Wait a few seconds, then go to Monitoring > Graph Measurements
  2. Data will be successfully archived into openHistorian

Thanks for your reply.I followed the steps above.And I didn’t see that error any more.but have a question that why the light in front of the PMU is grey…

And I can’t see analog values.
Please tell me how to solve this problem.
Thank you!

It looks like the full-resolution subscription that provides data to the graph is returning data for those points when you select them, but the throttled subscription that provides 2-second updates to the treeview is not. How do the timestamps of the 1212 device compare to those of SHELBY? You may need to adjust time zones, fix time slew, disable SHELBY, or adjust the lag/lead time of the display under Display Settings above the graph.

Assuming you followed my instructions, data should be stored in the openHistorian even if it is coming in out of order. Open a browser and go to this link:


Then click on the Trend / Export Data link. From here, click on desired measurements, including analog values, then click the Trend Data tab.

When you are on the Trend Data tab, click the Trend button and check data.


Hi,Ritchie and Stephen
Thanks for your advice.Now I can see the real time values from openhistorian web manager.