D2I files and D2 files

Hello, I just install openHistorian 2.0 and delete openPDC manager. We have real-time PMU data sent to our server, right now the data are stored as .d2i file, is this file type right?

I also use Archive Upgrade Utility to upgrade some .d files to .d2 files. How can I export these .d2 files to csv files? I try to use Historian Data Viewer, however I can’t direct it to the folder where I stored these .d2 files, it can only choose connection settings.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


Use the openHistorian web interface (http://localhost:8180) to export data to a CSV file. Click on the Trend/Export Measurements button from the home page, select the desired measurements, click on the Export Data tab, select the desired time range and options then click Export.

Also, the .d2i are intermediate files, as enough of these files are built up, they will roll-up into a permanent .d2. file.


Thank you very much for your reply. I already got the .d2 files.

Right now we have a large volume of PMU data, is there any limit on the exported excel files?(Like maximum number of rows/columns?)


No limits. However, you may want to break up your exports into multiple files to help keep files sizes manageable.