CSV Export Adapter output settings


I have question about how to get the CSVExportAdapter to automatically save each hour of the reading from the PMU into a csv with the format of Figure1. Which is a matrix with 12 columns (voltage, its angle, voltage b, its angle, voltage c, its angle, current a, its angle, current b, its angle, current c, its angle) for each data frame instance.
Wit hthe current configuration, I only have the data as a single column and 12 rows for each frame. Beside, the file is only for 5 minutes.
Figure1: the target format

Figure2: the current format

Would you please help me to solve this issue.

Just a thought, have you considered installing openHistorian (https://github.com/GridProtectionAlliance/openHistorian/releases), then connecting openHistorian to save data from openPDC. Then you could just “export CSV data” as needed in the desired format:

I’ve just installed the open historian, but I’m not sure what is the credentials required to log in.

Have you tried using the Use Integrated Windows Authentication checkbox?

Unless it was a default checked box in the installation stage, I don’t think so.
Without having the openhistorian, we used to get exactly what I want as an output. But after adding the second PMU by another student, the output format changed. If possible I would prefer to have that desire output with the current open pdc interface.
I thought in the “Manage Custon Output Adapter” in the “CSV Export” by setting the right parameters in the “connection string” I can do the task.
For example for saving the csv files as 1 hour file instead of 5 minutes file, I assume setting the right string for RolloverSchedule=*/5 * * * * can be the solution.
Another example, for setting the right columns and rows, maybe “InputMeasurementKeys” , “ColumnMappings” or some other parameters that you may know may do the job.
I got this assumptions from reading the previous posts in the folloing links by Stephen.


Oh sorry. I just saw the checkbox and logged in.

Thank you Stephen and James. In the open historian I could export the data in the format that I want. But I need an automatic exporting process to save csv files in constantly for every hour.

Unfortunately, no such process exists. In order to make that happen, the best approach would be to develop a custom adapter based on the CsvExportAdapter in Grid Solutions Framework since that adapter already implements a timer and rollover strategy that can be used for exporting data every hour. You will need to modify the logic to export your data in the format you require. Here is a link to the code for that module.