Correctness and completeness report Generation : how it works?


I’m trying to configure the report generation tools in openPDC Manager to make daily report completeness and correctness reports.
I’ve managed to configure it in the dedicated windows in openPDC Manager. However I encounter an astonishing behavior of this function.
To know beforehand that I have configured the STAT Historian Adapter so that very regularly it moves the statistical archive files from the ‘statistics’ directory to the ‘statistics\Offload’ subdirectory so that it most of the time there is only the archiving file being completed which is present in the ‘Statistics’ directory (I don’t know if this point is important).
I noticed that at the beginning the reports were generated day after day, they started by only showing data for the last 5 days, then 4 then 3… Currently the reports are empty.
I suspect the reporting tool is not exploring the /Offload subdirectory to retrieve the statistics. However, when I moved the stats files for the last 5 days from this subdirectory to reposition them in the Statistics directory, the reports continued to be empty. I suspect that the location of the data may be indexed somewhere in one of the ‘metadata’ file that are in this statistics directory; which would explain why simply moving the files into this directory is not enough for the system to take them into account; but I’m not sure.
Could you tell me if the report generation process takes into account the Offload directory?
If so, is there a way to do so?

Unless the reason for the empty reports is quite different?

Thank you by advance for your help,