Connection to MySQL errors

I’m working with a fresh install of both openHistorian and MySQL. When I try to log into through the web manager, the login always fails. When I try to launch the openHistorian Manager I keep getting this error that only stays on screen for maybe a third of a second. error
I can open MySQL Query Browser and see the default openHistorian schemata. Any ideas on why openHistorian could make that change but not be able to connect?

What version of MySQL Connector/NET do you have installed? We recommend using 6.9.12; our software doesn’t work with the newer versions.

Have you tried looking in the ErrorLog.txt file in the openHistorian installation directory? It may have some errors that could give you a clue as to why this is happening.

That worked! But now I’m having another issue. Hopefully, it will also be a quick fix. The measurement tags that I’ve set to trend disappear in the Select Points tab of the Trend Measurements page. I’ve setup my input device and mapped my read sequences. I’ve went into the openHistorian Manager to subscribe to them and add each to the PPA Historian. Now, when I go to the Trend Measurements page, they will load in and disappear very quickly after loading.

There is a dropdown in the top right corner of the page. Check to make sure that PPA is selected in that dropdown.

A similar thing happens. At first a few things appear; and shortly after, they disappear.

What browser are you using? Can you try Google Chrome?

After switching to Chrome, still nothing happens.

I checked the error logs. I think there are two errors. they are listed under the same Stack Trace. This is what is listed:

openHistorian.exe: N 00424
GSF.TimeSeries.Adapters.AdapterCollectionBase`1.Initialize(item As T)
openHistorian.exe: N 00342

Is PPA a MySqlOutputAdapter?

I’m not sure. I’ve tried changing the historian between PPA and STAT. Those are my only two options and neither seem to work.

PPA is the Primary Phasor Archive, which is intended for real-time streaming synchrophasor data. STAT is the statistics archive which saves low resolution statistics about various performance metrics such as CPU usage, thread counts, device connectivity, etc. For your data, you should always be picking PPA as your historian, not STAT.

The framework openHistorian is built from also allows the flexibility to modify your historian to store the data in different formats. One example is the MySqlOutputAdapter which write data to a MySQL database instead of the usual openHistorian 2.0 archives. By default, you wouldn’t be seeing any stack trace related to the MySqlOutputAdapter so I was thinking your PPA configuration might have been changed. You can check this in openHistorian Manager by navigating to Outputs > Historian Instances and inspecting the Type Name and Assembly Name fields. The openHistorian 2.0 type name and assembly name should be entered as follows.

Type Name: openHistorian.Adapters.LocalOutputAdapter
Assembly Name: openHistorian.Adapters.dll

If you are not using an openHistorian 2.0 archive, then the Trend / Export Measurements page in the web UI is simply not going to work.