Connect openPDC to remote MySQL


I’ve been using openPDC for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been wondering if I could store my data in a MySQL database that’s running in one of our servers (i.e., not on localhost). I tried to establish a connection on ConfigurationSetupUtility, but I got the following warning:

I know remote connection to this server is enabled because I already tested it. Is there any way I can setup a MySQL server in these conditions?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Juliana,

That message box is just a warning message and can be safely ignored. You can use the Test Connection button to determine if your MySQL connection is working properly.


Thank you.

I do have another question, though. I know this probably sounds dumb, but my openPDC is running on Windows, but my database is on a Linux server. From the documentation, I know I need to install MySQL connector. Should that be on the machine running the database, or the one running openPDC?

Another thing I’ve realized while attempting to connect to my database is that I enter my password, but when I check the Connection String on Advanced Settings, the field pwd is not there. Is this correct?

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The system running the openPDC needs the MySQL Connector/NET installation. We recommend version 6.9.12 from their previously generally available releases.

The pwd field is stripped from the connection string intentionally so that the password cannot be viewed, as this would somewhat defeat the purpose of hiding the text that the user typed into the text box. You won’t be able to see it in the advanced settings, but rest assured that it will be there in your config file when you are done.

Thank you, it’s working now. My problem was related to the MySQL Connector version (I was using a newer version).

Appreciate your help!