Concentrator Output stream is not publishing PMU data

Please help me on this issue, as I think I am missing something trivial.

I am streaming some data from RTDS simulator to OpenPDC and then trying to stream those PMU data from OpenPDC to another database in cloud.

For incoming data in OpenPDC, I can see the graphs from the OpenPDC and also capture shows I am getting phasors all right.

After that when I try to publish that data stream received by OpenPDC to a new database, I have configured concentrator output streams and added my “loadbus” pmu and “shelby” both in the device list.
But the problem is from the capture I can see that it is only sending “Shelby” data fine but for the loadbus it is showing empty in the data fields. see below picture.

I think I am missing something in terms of “loadbus” PMU configuration. May be some Action I need to take before sending that PMU data to other database.
Basically my topology,
RTDS → OpenPDC → cloud database, where I am trying to use the OpenPDC as an intermediary node which receives data from a source and sends this same PMU data to a destination.

below is my Output configuration,

Please help me on this issue, do I need to perform some custom action before sending those? or what should be the good way to perform this task.