Concentrator Output stream is not publishing PMU data

Please help me on this issue, as I think I am missing something trivial.

I am streaming some data from RTDS simulator to OpenPDC and then trying to stream those PMU data from OpenPDC to another database in cloud.

For incoming data in OpenPDC, I can see the graphs from the OpenPDC and also capture shows I am getting phasors all right.

After that when I try to publish that data stream received by OpenPDC to a new database, I have configured concentrator output streams and added my “loadbus” pmu and “shelby” both in the device list.
But the problem is from the capture I can see that it is only sending “Shelby” data fine but for the loadbus it is showing empty in the data fields. see below picture.

I think I am missing something in terms of “loadbus” PMU configuration. May be some Action I need to take before sending that PMU data to other database.
Basically my topology,
RTDS → OpenPDC → cloud database, where I am trying to use the OpenPDC as an intermediary node which receives data from a source and sends this same PMU data to a destination.

below is my Output configuration,

Please help me on this issue, do I need to perform some custom action before sending those? or what should be the good way to perform this task.

The same problem. Only Shelby device is in output stream. Nothing helps.

Hey what are you trying to do, may be we can try to solve the issue together. Its been days no one is replying anything and I don’t know where to get any help regarding GPA products.

I’m trying to rout the data from two Pmus which is working in RTDS simulator. This PMU i imported to openpdc devices by using PMU Tester connection files. I used output stream where Shelby device there is and added this two PMU devices to the same list of devices by using wizard. I played a lot with parameters of devices, measurements and phasors, but result still the same. Shelby send the data but other devices is not. I tested receiving the data by PMU Tester and some other tool. Seems that the problem on openPDC side. I’m not against of cooperation.

To be honest, I have exhausted my ideas for today. :grinning:

Try increasing LagTime and LeadTime - perhaps to 10 seconds each - and see if issue improves. Could be timings could be set to small for current network latencies.


I’ve found that the timestamps in the frame i receive from PMU is far from the real time on the server where openPDC is install. I will try to salve this difference at first and play with Lag and Lead Time after. Thanks.

Dear colleagues. I solve the problem. The first thing was related with the time tag i received from PMU. It was not synchronized with my server time where openPDC is installed.So i configured some sync related parameters. The second thing is in Lag and Lead time, as ritchiecarroll said. So, be accurate with time parameters.