Capture Sample Frame every second


Hiello, everyone:

I want to capture the data shown in the Display in the Real-Time Frame detail every second during 30 minutes and obtain this information in .txt or some format similar and then, export it to Excel.
I would like that this file will be as the one you obtain when you make a Capturae Sample Frame.
I made use of the Stream Debug Capture, but it take the samples very fast and is useless for my objective.

Thank you in advance.

How to get the PMU real time data into Kafka

Hello angelorozco,

I don’t think the PMU Connection Tester can do it without some code modification. However, if you’re not averse to writing C# code to achieve your objective, it may be easiest to use the following guide as a starting point.



Dear Stephen:

Thank you the information. It was very useful!