Bulk sequence Calculator adapter do not start automatically


I’m using the Bulk Sequence Calculator in OpenHistorian to provide V & I 0/+/- values ; then showing them in Grafana.
Everything works fine but when the OpenHistorian service restart, the adapter do not initialize itself automatically (as the PowerCalc does for example). Data are not provided in Grafana 'till I manually intialize this adapter in OpenHistorian manager.

Is there a switch or a parameter to make it starting automatically ?

Thanks by advance for your answer, feel free to ask me if you want more informations about.


Can you take a screenshot of the adapter configuration?

I just fill the ‘fps’ parameter :

Hello !
Things look significantly different from what I previously described.

In fact, when I initialize the BULK_SEQUENCE adapter, I do get some data that shows up in Grafana as shown below:
Associated query : FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE Description LIKE ‘%Positive Sequence Voltage Magnitude%’ AND Description LIKE ‘%$PMU1%’

Then I stop the service and restart it. In Grafana the new values ​​calculated by the adapter after restarting the service are no longer present; but I can’t find the ones before the service was shutted down either :

I expected this adapter to behave like PHASOR! POWERCALC :

In the console, however, the BULK_SEQUENCE adapter seems to be initialized automatically when the service is launched …

Could this more precise description of the problem guide thinking on the subject?

That is interesting - do you see the same behavior in the “Trend / Export Measurements” screen of the openHistorian for the sequence data?


I think I’ve found an interesting behavior that could explain the issue :

  • When initializing the BULK adapter, the measurements are created in the Measurements table. They are then calculated, stored and displayed well.
  • When stopping the service, they are still in the database
  • When starting the service, all these measurements are deleted from the Measurements table.
  • When initializing the adapter, they are created again with a new ID

The service delete the Measurements when it starts ; maybe when it automatically initialize the BULK adapter ?

May this help ?

Thanks !

I can’t reproduce this behavior, maybe I need to understand your setup a little better. As I understand it you have an openPDC connecting to PMUs, then an openHistorian connecting to openPDC using STTP to collect data, right?

Then, are you running the BulkSequenceCalculator in openPDC or openHistorian?


That’s it !

  • OpenPDC 2.9RC2 collecting data from 13 PMUs with IEEE C37.118.2-2011.
  • Data are sent to an OpenHistorian 2.8.RC2 (on an other server) with an internal subscription based input ; using STTP protocol.
  • BULK adapter is installed on the OpenHistorian side (as the powercalc adapter).

OpenHistorian have two concentrator in its inputs : one for the 13 PMUs (status enabled), the other disabled.

I use Heidisql to browse the local OpenHistorian,SQL database, table measurements, and see that the measurements related to the Bulk sequence are drop each time the service starts.

Feel free to ask me for giving more details if you need …

Edit : I’ve tested the Bulk adapter in OpenPDC and it works fine : the measurement are not deleted on stop and start service action.
Maybe the problem is only in OpenHistorian ; or appears in OpenHistorian because of my config (2 concentrator with one disabled) …

Do you have the bulk calculator enabled in both openPDC and openHistorian?

I would suggest only enabling this in openPDC since it is collecting the data - the historian may get confused on both subscribing to openPDC bulk calculator results and trying to also calculate its own.

If you need the bulk calculator for special cases in openHistorian, I would suggest “reducing” inputs to exactly what is needed.



I only have the bulk calculator enabled on the OpenHistorian part. I use it on the OpenHistorian side/server because I’m using others custom adapters on the OpenPDC part/server ; that are consuming a huge part (almost 100%) of the CPu time (to calculate oscillation modes in real time). I want to preserve all of the CPu time to make this.
As you suggest, I tried to delete the second concentrator (which was disabled) in the input device screen of the OpenHistorian, in order to only have the one that coming from the main OpenPDC server ; then stopped and started the OpenHistorian service and it works ! No measurements are automatically deleted when the service restarted.

It seems like the bulk adapter works only if there is one concentrator declared ; as there’s no such limitation for the PowerCalc adapter. I don’t know why there is a different behavior between those two adapters ; but for what I need for the moment it is sufficient.

However, I may have to add this second concentrator in a second time (from a second openPDC server that will calculate also oscillation modes ; but with another type of algorithm). This second concentrator will only send the oscillations measurements through a virtual device, not the usual ones (F / U / I …). I am afraid this problem will reoccur then …

Thanks for your suggests that helped me a lot !