Bulid openhistorian from source code

When I bulid openhistorian from source code ,it shows problems like the screenshot.

How could I solve these errors?
Thank you very much!

It looks like the class ‘AlarmDeviceStateView’ is defined in two places. Possibly because you copied the definition or created your own class with the same name.
Based on your screenshot it also looks like you have an outdated version of the source code that might have this issues. I would suggest getting the latest version from Github.

Good Luck,

Hello ,Christoph
Thanks for your reply.I have downloaded the latest version of the source code ,but it shows the same problem .

And I notice that they are located in the same folder except for the first error.

Maybe there’s something wrong but I haven’t found it yet .

Thank you !

So there is a couple of things going on that is causing these errors. Because there are duplicate definitions for AlarmDeviceStateView Visual Studio is unable to compile openHistorian.Adapter.Model.

This results in a .dll file missing for the openHistorian to properly build which results in all the other errors.

Essentially if you fix the issue with AlarmDeviceStateView everything else should resolve itself.

After I rebuilt the solution ,the error about AlarmDeviceStateView disappeared ,but the other errors remained.So I am not sure if AlarmDeviceStateView caused the other errors.
thank you !

Can you try moving the solution to a path comprised only of ASCII characters to see if that helps?

oh,it rebuilt successfully!
There may be some compatibility issues with Chinese.
Thank you very much!

While I’m not 100% sure what the cause of the incompatibility is, I have read that NTFS supports all Unicode characters in file names with just a few exceptions, but batch scripts only support the current ANSI codepage. ASCII is generally a good bet when it comes to compatibility. I’m glad that it’s working for you.

I have one more question .In our team ,we use a modified protocol based on IEEE Std C37.118 to transfer data.What should I do to add this protocol into openhistorian ?Or could you give me some advice?
Thank you very much!

You should create an input adapter, then add a record to the Protocol table referencing your custom input adapter.