Awaiting configuration frame

Hello all,

When I run the PMU Connection Tester, the screen hangs on “Awaiting configuration frame…”.

I’ve double checked the setup.ini file of the uPMU to ensure that I’ve used the correct IP address for TCP connection, correct port, and correct Device ID. It connects successfully. I’ve also double checked on Command Prompt to see whether or not the connection has been established through there using the netstat command. It checks out, and the corresponding IP address and port coincide. I’m able to ping the IP address successfully as well. The connection also pops up on WireShark.

So, I believe that the connection is truly there. However, when I’m looking at the graphical interface, it’s always “Awaiting configuration frame…”

The obstacles I can see that may be a problem is a potential firewall problem as my company has strict security. I may have also configured my network “creatively” as this is only the second network I’ve ever setup, but if the devices are able to communicate with each other via Command Prompt and the connections can be seen through WireShark, then it should be good enough, right?

Is there anything else I should inspect further? As a novice, this is all the troubleshooting I know to do.

I am quite a newbie when it comes to networks. So please be patient with me.

Thanks in advance!

I see that you referred to your device as a “uPMU”. Does that mean your device is actually a PSL microPMU? If so, you can probably fix that by changing the SkipDisableRealTimeData setting to True. Use the Settings tab near the bottom of the window to switch to the settings sheet. You can refer to the following screenshot.