Archiving Power Calculations Generated from Actions Tab


I have configured the Manage Power Calculations in the Actions Tab of OpenPDC to calculate power from hardware PMU positive sequence voltage and current phasor estimations. However, the MW, MVA, and MVar are all grayed out and only show the instantaneous sampled value. It seems that they are considered as part of STAT, but not PPA.

Is there a way to display and archive these calculations?



Yes - when the power output measurements are initially created, they may not be associated with the historian.

We fixed this on May 20 last year:

But the last openPDC release was on May 7 last year and we haven’t released version 2.8 yet.

I suggest using the nightly build:

This will have the fix that will archive power measurements automatically.

Alternatively, you can manually set power output measurements to be associated with historian by opening the manager application, navigating to “Metadata > Measurements”, finding the output, then selecting the desired target historian from the list, then clicking save.

Note that even after making sure measurements are archived, the “Graph Measurements Screen” in the manager may not trend the measurements because they are marked as “calculated” and it currently only has scales for known quantities. The openHistorian web UI does not have this restriction.


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