Alarm Status configuration


I configured an alarm, and when alarm trigger, openPDC registered in view alarm status. But never update this registered when new value of alarm appear. Or not produce a list with the timetag of alarms. I tried to delete that alarm information, but after that appear again same information.

I think it is static that information of view alarm status. How i can keep register the trigger of alarms, and have a list of them?


Hi Aleixo,

The alarm status page is a diagnostic tool to allow you to view the current state of alarms in the system so you can determine whether the alarm system is working. The ALARM!SERVICES adapter also hosts a REST web service that can be queried to see similar information about current alarm states. Neither of these features can be used to produce a log of alarm state changes.

When managing alarm configuration, one of the options on that Manager screen is to create a measurement associated with the alarm. The associated measurement produces values of 1 or 0 to indicate when the alarm is raised or cleared, respectively. These values get stored in the STAT historian, so you can use the Historian Trending Tool to export a log of alarm state changes to a CSV file.

There is also a feature of the alarm engine that will write alarm state changes to the openPDC SQL database, in the AlarmLog table. We turned the feature off by default for performance reasons. If you would like to turn that feature on, you can add the UseAlarmLog=true parameter to the connection string of the ALARM!SERVICES adapter.


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Thank you very much your quickly answer Stephen.

I thought that was a good idea have a list of “trigger” alarms.That was a “beautifull” display with a list of historical alarms. Yes i know that i can see the status alarms on historian trending tools, but i change location to PPA.

Best regards,