Accesing Grafana from a Different terminal

I am trying to access the Grafana screen from another PC on the same network. My current Openhistorian authentication is windows authentication (login from my local network account).

When I get to the login screen from the remote terminal I see the attached screen, and it seems non of the passwords work to login.

I am wondering if there is a way to allow for public access with no passwords for the Grafana attached to the Openhistorian? So that if I am in the local network, I can see the dashboard without a login.

The latest version of openHistorian includes a self-hosted instance of Grafana that binds to This should disallow direct access from remote systems at the network layer. Instead, it uses a server-side proxy to authenticate requests and enable remote access. There’s also a setting to disable the login page, which ends up looking a bit different from the screenshot you provided.

Your Grafana instance seems to be configured in a completely different way so I’m pretty confused about how you have it set up. Regardless, perhaps I can get you pointed in the right direction. I recommend experimenting with settings for anonymous access.

Ignoring the picture you provided, if you are simply trying to access the openHistorian hosted Grafana instance from another machine, you only need to login with one of the accounts that the openHistorian has setup in its user list.

Assuming that this is a local machine, i.e., not on a domain and a simple setup, e.g., just a simple local user - you can still login remotely, you’ll just need to enter the user name like .\username and provide the password.

Otherwise you can add other accounts the system, like a database user - that will work from anywhere.

As a matter of fact, for standalone Grafana instances, we typically just setup a database user, e.g., GrafanaDisplay that has only the viewer role, and use this to connect to the openHistorian.

Like Stephen mentioned, we may need some more details to help you out further.