About the real time throughput(processing speed) of openhistorian

I have a huge project. I need a real-time database and a historical database. More importantly, I need the real-time database to store about 84000 datas per second (The transmission rate is 50Hz, so 1680 datas/0.02s), so I want to know the maximum real-time processing speed of openHistorian (means the Real time throughput of openhistorian). Can it satisfy my request? As for openHistorian, I’m a novice. I want to know how I should start my study and use. Are there some user manuals for learning?Thank you so much!

That volume will be no problem…

Thank you!I want to know the exactly definite answer about the volume of openHistrian in time? Because the requirement about 1680 datas/0.2s is just satisfied with our first stage of our project, In the future, we will extend our requirement for the volume