About openhistorian service

I don’t know what I’ve changed ,now I can’t restart service in openhistorian manager.

and when I open the openhistorian console ,it will show a lot of sentences including system.security…
I have re-stall openhistorian many times ,but it doesn’t work .
Could you give me some advice to solve this problem?Thanks.

Can you provide the full text of the error message from the openHistorian Console?

thanks for your reply!Here is the screenshot of the openhistorian Console.

It looks like you have an encrypted configuration file setting, but you’re missing the key to decrypt it. This usually happens when the KeyIVCache.bin file is deleted from the openHistorian installation folder. If you don’t have any backups of the original KeyIVCache.bin file, you will probably need to delete %appdata%\Grid Protection Alliance\openHistorianConsole\Settings.xml and also %appdata%\Grid Protection Alliance\openHistorianManager\Settings.xml.

Thank you very much!I will try it later.
By the way ,I have another question about openhistorian .Can I store the data into openhistorian without connecting to a PMU device?I am trying to send some electrical harmonic data to openhistorian .I don’t know if it can be done .

Hi wagebro,

I’m not entirely sure I understand what you mean by your question. The data can come from any streaming device so long as it enters the openHistorian routing engine through an input or action adapter. The openHistorian also has a .NET API for reading and writing data points through a direct socket interface. Would either of those options address your needs?



Your advice is just what I need.Could you tell me where I can find NET.API?


The class you need to use is the HistorianClient. It’s in the openHistorian.Core.dll assembly and the openHistorian.Net namespace.

There are a number of code examples that use this API.

ConcurrentReading (performance test)

openHistorian Service Host

Data Extraction Utility


Historian View

Measurement API

Read Points (performance test)

There are several more, but hopefully this is enough to get you going in the right direction.