UDP PMU Connection


Hi, How i can connect microPMU by UDP? I want to test UDP protocol to see if microPMU recover the datastreaming.

Now i have 2 microPMU in openPDC with datastreaming but using TCP protocol. The connection is through routers with sim card. I don’t know why but sometimes microPMU stop streaming. Could be signal fail of SIM card, but microPMU does not recover the datastreaming. In this situation i have to reboot routers or reboot microPMU.

These are parameters that i tested unsuccessful.

Local Port: 4713 and 4614
Enable Multicast / Remote Udp: What is that?
Host IP: IP Adress of my LAN, and
Remote Port: What remote port? command port is 8881

This command port i am using for commands through webrowser of microPMU software, with success.



Remote port is only used for multicast scenarios, where the data source sends packets to a multicast address and then the router routes those UDP packets to every device connected to it. Remote Udp allows you to specify a remote address from which you will be receiving UDP data packets. It allows you to filter incoming data for scenarios in which you have multiple sources providing data to the same endpoint.



Thanks your answer.
Do you think that is better(data quality) using UDP instead of TCP in case of routers with SIM cards?



Hi Aleixo,

Normally, I would expect the opposite. TCP tends to provide better reliability due to the packet ordering and retry characteristics built into the protocol. However, network congestion can induce latency in TCP connections and cause irrecoverable backlogs of packets on the network. With UDP, your network will likely be better able to recover from network congestion and keep latency low, but it will do so by dropping packets which means you may experience data loss.

Note that these things only happen during times when the network is congested. In general, you probably will not experience any backlogs or dropped packets and so the choice of protocol will not make much of a difference. In that case, it comes down to the vendor’s implementation of each protocol, and from that perspective you may well experience better reliability from UDP. My best advice would be to just try it and see.



Hi Stephen,

I try to understand the problem using Wireshark. I found that when i lost connection with openPDC, the error in wireshark message was Window full.

I google it and the problem is TCP Window Scale Option. Buffer is full and i lost connection every hour :S

I will try to know if it is in my computer, or something in routers limit the package in buffer,