OpenHistorian for Dummies?


Is there like a crash course documentation for OpenHistorian2? Maybe something along the lines of… “I’ve installed it, now what?”. This is coming from an Electrical Engineer trying to things working. I’ve got experience using visual studio but not to the extent a software engineer would.

I’m finding bits and pieces of documentation scattered all over the forums/github and I’m not really even sure I know whats relevant anymore. Looking at the two graphics from the link below… do I need openMIC to get data into OpenHistorian or do I need to use the API? How do I use the API or rather where can I find the guide?

What is the below link? Do I need to do this to get data into openHistorian?


Hi Brad,

Give us an example of “what” you are trying to do and we’ll do our best to guide you…

Also, keep in mind that the “web interface” of openHistorian is still in its nascent stages - so for now, with the exception of Modbus and static COMTRADE files, “inputs” into the openHistorian are best managed using the openHistorian Manager - this is a typical UI application (not web based) that you run from the start menu.