Limiting PPA archive size on disk without offload storage



For demo purpose, we want to install openPDC on some computers BUT limit the size of the PPA archive (around 1GB) because the objective is to make on-the-road presentations… not a real PDC application and we don’t want to fill those computer hard disk with full of useless historic archive.

In the openpdc configuration file, we found (in the section) the FileSize of each .ppa file (100MB) but could not locate maximum allowed space for total archive.

Would it be OK to use the “MaxHistoricArchiveFiles” set to 10 instead of -1 ( so 10 files of 100MB = 1GB) or is there an easier method to limit the global file size to be used by the archive ?

And, when the limit is reached, would the oldest one be remove (desired) or would the acquisition stop ?

Finally, is it better to set “ArchiveOffloadLocation” to “” or to “DELETE” ?




Hi Michel,

The MaxHistoricArchiveFiles will delete files from oldest to newest once the configured number of files has been reached. This would, indeed, be an effective way of limiting the size of the archive.

The ArchiveOffloadLocation is only used to handle files whose age has exceeded the ArchiveOffloadMaxAge property. If you do not want to offload your files, a value of "" or "DELETE" would both be appropriate for the ArchiveOffloadLocation.