Export/Import Input devices


Hi folks!

I have two machines with openPdc configured and I will like to copy the Input devices from one machine to another.

I tried to copy the “ConfigurationCache” folder but It doesn’t work.

Which is the correct way to import and export that kind of configuration?

Thank you and best regards,


Hi Marco,

The configuration of the openPDC is stored in the SQL database that was created when you ran the Configuration Setup Utility. If you want to transfer configuration from one system to another, you would either need to have the new system point to the old configuration database or copy the old configuration database into the database used by the new system. If, instead of transferring, you want to make a copy of the original database configuration to use on another system and keep the original system running, you would need to copy the database configuration to a separate database. Regardless, the process depends on which database engine you are using to host your configuration database.

Can you share what database type you selected when using the Configuration Setup Utility to set up the openPDC? Also, would you elaborate a bit on whether you are attempting to transfer configuration or creating a copy of an existing instance?