Web interface isn't loading data

I can see data coming into openHistorian manager, but I can’t see them in Web manager. Most of web page sections are empty or loading (circling arrows) all the time.
For database I’m using SQL Server on SQL cluster, that is on other server.
I believe that this page http://localhost:8180/Index.cshtml is reading data from some local configuration, not directly from database. Nothing changes if I’m logged in as database user or my Windows ActiveDirectory user.
Is there some permissions missing (company security rules setted up), what, where?


We no longer support Internet Explorer. Try using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox.

Yes, with Chrome everything seems to be working.
Thank you.

I have one more problem… maybe I should wrote it in separate topic.
There is error when I want to generate report: Failed to load ADO database connection settings from configuration file: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

This is written in ErrorLog file:

Exception Source: GSF.Core
Exception Type: System.InvalidOperationException
Exception Message: Failed to load ADO database connection settings from configuration file: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
Exception Target Site: .ctor

---- Stack Trace ----
GSF.Data.AdoDataConnection…ctor(settingsCategory As String)
openHistorian.exe: N 00778
openHistorian.Adapters.ReportOperationsHubClient.GetFromStats(dataContext As DataContext, start As DateTime, end As DateTime, type As ReportType, criteria As ReportCriteria, numberRecords As Int32, cancelationToken As CancellationToken)
openHistorian.exe: N 00702
openHistorian.exe: N 00156

You need to add an snrSQLReportingDB section to your openHistorian config file and add ConnectionString and DataProviderString settings to it. This is to configure it to point to a database that contains an SNRSummary table for the SNR report and an UnbalanceSummary table for the unbalance reports. I get the impression this is a feature designed to integrate with a specific external data system used at one of GPA’s customer sites so I’m not sure if it would be relevant to your installation.

Ok. I already have added ConnectionString and DataProviderString settings.
How to add correctly that snrSQLReportingDB section?
And if there aren’t those tables in database, than they could be simply created?

I’m not sure how you can add the ConnectionString and DataProviderString without adding the section first. Those settings need to be added to the section or else it won’t work. So the section has to exist first.

      <add name="ConnectionString" value="..." description="Configuration connection string" encrypted="false" />
      <add name="DataProviderString" value="..." description="Configuration database ADO.NET data provider assembly type creation string used when ConfigurationType=Database" encrypted="false" />

As for the tables I mentioned, it seems we did have some SQL scripts lying around, but I didn’t know about them. Ritchie uploaded them to the Git repo yesterday, after you asked about it.


Looks like there is also an SNR Computation adapter you need to set up to populate the SNRSummary table, as well as an Unbalanced Computation adapter to populate the UnbalanceSummary table. These both appear to be action adapters, so you will need to use the Custom Action Adapters page in the openHistorian Manager to configure them.

FYI, I’m told that you will also need to set up some additional archives to house the aggregate data used by the reports.

Hi, I met the same problem, the web interface isn’t loading data, too. But I have already used the latest version of Google Chrome. And I tried Firefox too. I don’t know what to do next. (My database is SQLite.)

Hi xioahe,

It sounds like the problem you’ve encountered is not the same, then. Can you start a new topic and post a screenshot of what you’re seeing in Google Chrome?


Ok, thank you, Mr.Wills.