Transmit Data to pmu connection tester through networking


You have lots of options here. Google is a good resource. Here is a handful of links to give you ideas.


Thank You So much Sir


This crc code is not giving me complete 2 bytes of some frames :

My code is:

byte[] bytes = a;
CrcCCITT calc = new CrcCCITT();
ushort crc = calc.Value;
int intValue = crc;
// Convert integer 182 as a hex in a string variable
string hexValue = intValue.ToString(“X”);


I think in crc start with 0 hex 0 is omitted and not included
For eg 0AF4 should be displayed instead of AF4 both have decimal equivalent is 2804


That’s right. You can use the PadLeft() method to pad with zeros.


I want to pad zeros at only some frames not on all frames. This will pad zero on all frames.


It will pad zeros up to a total width, so if the input string already matches the total width there will be no padding.


When i use text file with 18005 frames file reading program didn’t read properly. When i use text file with 100 frames it reads properly. Just look at first frame in screenshot

What can i do now?


Is that the first frame in the file? Maybe the console window’s buffer isn’t large enough to display all 18005 frames. You can change the buffer size.


Is there any option to display graphical data of multiple devices in different sub-screens?


I’m not sure what you mean by that. If you connect the openPDC to multiple devices, the openPDC Manager can display data from those devices on the Graph Measurements screen.


In pmu connection tester can i display multiple devices data at the same time?


No, you can’t. The PMU Connection Tester is designed only to test connections to PMUs and provide displays to validate that the data is correct.



In this picture, Phase Angle is 1749.5 but Phase Angle graph is showing some different result like around 90 and 0 degree.
Can you explain that phase angle graph?
Open pdc manager is showing correct graph of phase angles


This graph in the PMU Connection Tester may be set to show relative phase angles. Try changing the setting (on the “Settings” tab) called “PhaseAngleGraphStyle” to “Raw”.


Hi, This message was intended to appear after Message #93 above in this discussion thread at the point where Stephen suggested turning off UDP in the openPDC TESTSTREAM Output settings and Ritchie followed up by noting this is done by clearing the UDP connection string information in the openPDC Output Stream configuration for the TESTSTREAM.

The problem can be resolved by proper openPDC and complementary PMU Connection Tester configurations.

The following exercise sets up openPDC on a server to stream to 2 PMU Connection Testers. One PMU Tester is the openPDC server itself, and the other is a remote over the network. The Output Stream is configured with 1 TCP command channel and 2 UDP data channels - one for each PMU Connection Tester receiver.

Exercise: openPDC and PMU Connection Tester in Windows - Test openPDC Concentrator Output Streaming to PMU Connection Tester

// Jan 6, 2017 - Exercise link updated