Silent Install switches?

There are myriad options included in the GUI MSI installer: different components to be installed, service account credentials, etc.

I have found no documentation of available switches to pass to the MSI installer. Can these be added to the README on github or documented elsewhere?

We currently don’t support silent installs because it would require the development of additional documentation and as well as additional testing for a rarely seen use-case. That is to say, even if we could identify all the switches for you, I’m honestly not sure if a silent install would work with the current installers so I can’t simply add it to our official documentation. If this is something you absolutely need, we can certainly try to help guide you toward developing a silent install process, but there’s no officially supported process for which a set of switches can be formally documented.

Hi Stephen, perhaps this is a little different in the case of the PTPSync application. It almost doesn’t need a CSU step since it defaults to a local SQLite database for configuration and the host service’s primary purpose is to host the ptpd executable. I just used ProjectAlpha here because it was a quick service host that I was very familiar with.

Assuming a “default config” could be used, then you could basically do away with CSU for this particular application. Then all you would have are the silent switches for MSI.

That said, this might a good case for the NSSM host for something even more simple.

@mwtrigg, the actual app doing the time synchronization is the ptpd.exe - you could even run this from a scheduled task in Windows to simplify things. The rest of the included components are just for convenience in configuration and monitoring as well as providing a Windows service wrapper.