Sign in issue of openHistorian

Previously my account worked well with openHistorian.
Today I want to add a new user, however before assigning an role, the website crashes. Right now both of the new account and my account can’t login in, it shows "the user has not been assigned any roles and therefore has no rights."
I don’t remember I have set another administrator account. Is there anyway to fix this rather than reinstalling openHistorian?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


You can only login with the account initially assigned as the administrative user when no other user’s exist. It’s always wise to add another user soon after installation - you can also add a database user that will always be allowed to login, even if the domain controller is unavailable.

One option you may have is to re-run the Configuration Setup Utility and connect to the same database to see if that helps reset any of your initial rights.

If that doesn’t work you either (1) manually modify the database to add your new user account as an administrator, or (2) create a new database.

Hope that helps!