Request configuration problem


Hi…I am able to connect with PMU using PMU connection tester using port 4712.When I am trying to connect from openPDC ,(Request configuration) it is taking long time and not connecting.But I can complete pmu setup using ‘configuration file’ saved from PMU connection tester.The direct connected PMU not getting any data.What may be the problem is my question.


Hi era,

If the configuration request is taking a long time and not connecting, then it’s likely that there is a firewall which is dropping the openPDC’s packets. Is the openPDC running on the same system as the PMU Connection Tester when you do your testing? If they are running on different systems, then the firewall rules could be different as well.

This could also be an IPv4 vs IPv6 discrepancy. You should try using a pmuconnection file produced by the PMU Connection Tester to configure the openPDC. This will allow you to easily match the openPDC’s configuration with the configuration that was working in the PMU Connection Tester.

Finally, knowing the exact error message coming from the openPDC typically helps to more accurately determine what the problem may be. If you can provide the exact error message you are receiving, I may be able to give you better guidance.



Hi Stephen… thank you for your comments.I have found the port 8500 is open using netstat -aon from command prompt.But 6165,6166 and 6167 ports are closed.Do you think this may be the main problem?


That is a little unusual, but I don’t think it’s relevant. netstat will only tell you the state of local ports, but you need to know the state of port 4712 on the PMU. You also need to determine whether there is a firewall between the PDC and the PMU and whether that firewall is blocking the PDC’s packets.


Hi stephen…Thank you.I am checking firewall settings.I need to solve the voltage issue from SEL451 pmu.I am getting voltage magnitude which is 5 digit (21534).Can I get the accurate value using multiplier in openPDC?


Hi era,

I’m not entirely sure what you mean. If the value is in volts and you’d like it to be in kilovolts, then yes, the multiplier can certainly handle the conversion. If the value is inaccurate in some other way, then I can’t be sure whether the multiplier will help you or not without more details…



Hi Stephen…Thank you for youe all time help.Still today I am facing problem with the “Request Configuration” issue.The PMU connection tester is working well.But while setting communication from openPDC the “request Configuration” takes more time and shows an error.Please let me know what to do to check whether packets trans and receive are working well.


Hi era,

  1. What is the exact error message you received from the openPDC when it failed to receive the configuration frame?
  2. Did you disconnect the PMU Connection Tester before attempting to set up the device in the openPDC?
  3. The error message can give us insight into what packets are getting transmitted or received, but the most complete and accurate way to determine exactly what packets are passing through your system is to use Wireshark to create a packet capture.



Hi Stephen…Thank you.I have attached screenshots of exact error, wireshark output of pmu connection tester and openpdc. Please have a look and suggest me.
Thanks .


Your second screenshot doesn’t show any packets going to the PMU IP. If you set everything up correctly in the first step, your Wireshark capture should have at least one packet that is being sent to the PMU. I recommend filtering your captures down so that Wireshark only displays packets where the source or destination IP match the PMU IP.