Problem with Stream Statistics


I have added 4 PMU devices in to the input streams. All the 4 devices are entering the data to a MySQL database and there seems to be no problem.
When I access the graph measurements, all the 4 devices are highlighted in green and they are working.
But when I access the Stream Statistics sections, 2 devices are Red. But the statistics reads 0 Device errors.
The other two, which are Green have 500 Device Errors.
Can you please tell me where the problem lies and what should be done to rectify it?

Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:


Hello Gaurav,

On the stream statistics page, the color red for input streams indicates that either the “Input Stream Connected” (!IS-ST8) statistic is False or the “Total Frames” (!IS-ST1) statistic is less than or equal to 0. On the graph measurements page, the data stream itself is also taken as a factor for determining the color of the device so your devices must be receiving data. I would recommend checking the statistics for the red devices to determine whether they are accurate.


Hi Stephen,
Thanks a lot for responding. I changed the frames per second from 30 to 50 and now all the devices are Green.
I have another question.
As you can see in the screenshot that I have attached , the total Device Errors is 502.
What does this signify and how can i rectify it?

Best regards,

That statistic counts the number of times the PDC encounters a frame from the PMU with the “Device Error” flag set. Thus, a value of 502 indicates that it received data with the “Device Error” indicator in every frame received from that device. The actual meaning of the flag is vendor specific, as is the resolution, so the best advice I can give is to check with your PMU vendor.

Thanks again for the quick response. @StephenCWills