PMU Connection tester in older .NET version

Is there a version of PMU Connection Tester which works with .NET 4.0?
If so, can someone point me to it?


4.0 exactly? Currently works with 4.6

Hello Ritchie,
Unfortunately, yes 4.0 exactly. We have machine which can not be updated to newer .NET version

Here are the binaries for an older version compiled with .NET 3.5 (or so) - if .NET 4.0 is on the box already, there is a good chance that this version could work. Note that it is very old, circa 2009, so it may have bugs that have long been fixed, but it runs:

https:// www

To try it out, just extract the files onto a folder on the target machine and run the PMUConnectionTester.exe executable by double-clicking on the file.

The other option would be to try to recompile target GSF assemblies per .NET 4.0, but this could be an undertaking, then compile PMU Connection Tester code against .NET 4.0, which may go fairly quick.

Let me know how it goes…


Here is one that was built in December of 2009 that was a little less buggy - I recommend this one instead:


Speaking of bugs, here’s a workaround for one I keep encountering with this old version - the “Display” format doesn’t always get remembered properly between runs.

Always select a valid display format, e.g., Hexadecimal, from the “Display:” drop-down before connecting to target device - this is is the “Real-time Frame Detail” section.


Second note, this older version only supports IP version 4 addresses.

Thank you, Ritchie. Apologies for the delayed response. This worked.
Thanks a lot again.