OpenPDC only showing frequency value

I’m having trouble getting OpenPDC to read all the available phasors from my PMU. It is connected, and it reads a frequency value, but nothing else. It seems as if maybe it’s not getting a configuration frame?

When I connect via the PMU connection tester, it automatically detects the 10 phasors that are available and shows them all on the multi-colored graph. Are there additional configuration steps that I need to do on OpenPDC for it to read all the values?

This can be sometimes caused by a mismatch in the “Access ID” value used in the openPDC configuration.

Is the “Access ID” set somewhere on the PMU device? I’m connecting to an SEL-351S, and I don’t recall seeing a setting like this. I have it set to 2 right now in OpenPDC because it seemed similar to the “Device ID” field in the PMU Connection tester which was 2 by default.

After double checking, I see I’d forgotten there is a setting on the 351S called PMID (PMU Hardware ID) which is set to 2. I assume this must be what corresponds to the OpenPDC Access ID?

I noticed the acronym in OpenPDC did not match the name in the relay settings. Fixing this seems to have solved the problem. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!