openHistorian web interface continuously showing "loading"

Data is continuously being detected on openHistorian Manager, but the web interface keeps showing “loading data”. This is the screen displayed in the latest version of Google Chrome.
What should I do next to fix this problem?

Hi xiaohe,

Open a new tab in your Google Chrome browser. With that tab active, open Developer Tools (hotkeys are F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I) and select the Network tab. Now go to the address bar and enter the URL for the openHistorian web interface. Once the page loads, the Network tab should show you the list of connections that the browser is making to the openHistorian web server. You should be looking for something like WebSocket entries.

Since it’s not working, you will probably see something like repeatedly failed attempts. Examining these entries should help you learn more information about what’s failing.


Hi Mr.Wills,

I can’t find the WebSocket thing.


And the errors are above.
I do not know how to deal with these.

And also I am wandering if I should change something like internet port to change the web interface url, since this url “localhost:8180” is not working.

The 500 status you get from the hubs endpoint is the one we should be focusing on. If you click on that one and inspect the response body, do you get any additional information, like an error message?

I just reinstalled the whole computer system, and then the problem was fixed. Turned out there are something wrong with the system, caused not only this “not loading” problem but also another in other aspect.
Thank you very much, Mr. Wills.