openHistorian Oscillation / Sub Synchronous Oscillation Detection

Has anyone had any luck implementing an oscillation or sub synchronous oscillation detection algorithm to run in real time on incoming PMU data? I imagine it would be quite CPU intensive, so may be running on a different server to where the main openPDC/historian/archiving is taking place?

Just wondering what people have done. Have you done it directly in openHistorian running custom calcs and alarms, or 3rd party software (ie Matlab etc)?

Cheers in advance!

There are implementations of oscillation detection tools (not open source) that work with the openPDC / openHIstorian that people use in production systems.

These systems can be CPU intensive, and thus we generally recommend a standalone openPDC system for calculations that can accept a data feed from the primary phasor system and then just report results back, e.g., to openHistorian.

With results that come in from these systems, you can create ne calculations and/or alarms, etc.