OpenHistorian: How to import Archive file (d2i)?


I need to import openHistorian archive file(d2i), which was created at other openHistorian instance.

Please see more details:

We have 2 openHistorian instance A and B and each instance is independently connected with PMU.

• Instance A is connected with PMU
• Instance B is connected with Separate PMU
• Instance A is generated archive files (d2i)

We need to import d2i file using openHistorian instance B, which was generated by openHistorian instance A.

Is it possible?

My understanding is instance A will have its own device id, signal id for that PMU, which is connected in that instance and d2i files will have same information, at the same time instance B will not have that device details, so import is not possible. However, please conform from your end. If its possible to import, please provide the steps and configuration details.

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Hi Stephen,

Any response please?

The openHistorian 2.0 depends on the database configuration to map metadata to archived data when reading and writing. Without some way to synchronize the Measurement.PointID field from Instance A to Instance B, it will not be possible to integrate Instance A’s archive files with Instance B’s. Therefore, the requirements to make this work are:

  1. All points IDs must be unique between Instance A and Instance B.
  2. A process to forward metadata from Instance A to Instance B, maintaining value of the PointID field.
  3. A process to migrate d2/d2i archive files from Instance A to Instance B.

It sounds like you have a process in mind for #3 so you’ll need to solve the other two requirements first. It would be a lot of work for me to design a solution and provide a set of steps. I’m sorry to say, I can’t provide that level of support on these discussion boards.