openHistorian: How to import archive(d2 file)?


I stored the data from PMU by openHistorian.
I deleted the device and create the device again in openHistorian manager.
Then I cannot see the trend of the previous data on a web application.
I think the reason is I created a new database when I create the device again.

The archive(d2 file) is still in the Archive folder.
How to import the previous archive to openHistorian?
I’d like to see the trend and download csv file.



Hi WJ,

Please refer to the following topic for more information on why this is happening.


Hi Stephen,

Thank you for your reply.

I have one more question.
Is there any way to see the previous data(D2 file)?
For example, how to convert the archive file to csv?

I’d like to just check the raw data from archive.


Woojin Kim.

Try running the DataExtractionUtility.exe that can be found in the openHistorian installation folder, typically C:\Program Files\openHistorian.

If you want to extract points for which you have no loner have metadata (e.g., all possible points) - this will require use of the openHistorian API to scan the target .D file and extract all possible data. At a low level, you can open the FileBlockHeader scanning each block, then find the associated file block and read the contents and then export to a file. The closest thing we have to this is the ArchiveIntegrityChecker which operates at this level.