OpenHistorian and GSF version


I have downloaded OpenHistorian source code version from git.

Actually, we have setup kit for OpenHistorian and no relevant source code.

OpenHistorian Manager is showing the version “” and Server version “”.

I’m not able to find the source code branch or code details in git for these versions

  1. OpenHistorian
  2. Server version

My understanding is server refers “OpenHistorian.exe” service. So please help me to find the relevant source code location for this version.

Also provide me the revenant Grid solution Framework version for this OpenHistorian Because latest Grid solution uses SignalR version 2.4.x, but I need to the source code which uses SingalR 2.2.2.

So please provide the source code location for OpenHistorian and relevant Grid Solution Framework.

Thanks & Regards

Hi Logu,

You can browse, view, or download the source code for openHistorian from the following location.

I’m not sure where you could find the source code for Our build scripts only ever update the build number, and they always explicitly reset the revision number to zero. Seems to me that must be a custom build.

The GSF version for should be this one.


Thanks Stephen. I will check and get back to you.