Missing frequency data in OH

I don’t know when and why, but there are missing frequency data in all channels.
They are incoming from external source, visible un ConnectionTester, but lost in OH.
Is it related to Windows features, OH cache/configuration…? What can I do? OH service restart didn’t help.

OH version:
DB type: SQLite

Hi Andish,

Can you check the Signal Reference of a couple frequency measurements to ensure they look okay? It should be formatted like DEVICE-FQ.


You mean this one?

Yes, that one. And shouldn’t it have only one T-3 in the device name? You can try comparing it to a voltage magnitude’s signal reference to see if there is a discrepancy. You can also try fixing it manually and see if that solves your problem. You may need to reinitialize the input device after modifying the Signal Reference.

Do you happen to know how this might have happened in the first place? Like, were your devices renamed at some point?

Yes, there were doubling some texts in names for Frequencies and Status flag signals (in all devices).
I have no idea why this was changed.

Thank you!