Manage Power Calculation : bug when adding a line that creates the second page

Hello !

I encountered a bug when creating the Power Calc measurements in the Action > Manage Power Calculations panel in OpenHistorian Manager 2.8 RC2.
Everything works fine till there’s only one page listing the measurements. When creating the fifteenth measurement that making a second page to be create ; the fourteenth one disappears from the list. It is always present in the database but despite it can be found in Grafana, there’s no data calculated for it.


Edit : the measurement corresponding to the invisible line seems finally not works in Grafana :

Edit 2 : As a workaround, I created again the ‘missing’ measurement (for the B phase) at the end of my list (page 3) : I can access to it and then initialize it. There are finally some data in Grafana. I guess that there were no data in the first try because I can’t initialize it. By the way, there is still the ‘wrong’ three measurements (P/Q/S for B phases) in DB ; which are not use because they can’t be initialized .

It’s much easier to setup these calculations from the web page. Click on a device then map voltages to currents, then select “single phase” or “three phase” calculations from the “tag template” drop down, then click “Save Device”.