Localhost:8989 unable to connect


Hello All,

I just installed openHistorian, openXDA and PQDashboard, but I am unable to access the openXDA web manager through http://localhost:8989 - the browser (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) returns an “unable to connect” message. Also, I have tried to launch the openXDA console, but I keep getting the error message shown in the snapshot.


I would appreciate your help with this error.



Hi Tumi,

Generally, this error means that the openXDA service is not running. Check in the Windows Services screen. If it fails to start from there, you may want to check the Event Viewer to see what kind of error you are receiving when trying to start the service.


Hi Bernest,

Thanks for your help. I was able to start openXDA service in the Windows services screen just as you suggested.

Now, I am able to connect to http://localhost:8989/ but I am unable to get past the “Authentication Required” dialog box. I put in the same username and password I used for Open PQ dashboard and openHistorian, but the box just reappears each time.
I have read through a previous discussion on the same error here: Authorization Problem for localhost:8989 no working but I could not find a solution. I would appreciate your help with resolving this.




Try using the Chrome browser, its pass-through authentication tends to work better.


Thanks again Bernest.

I have tried using the Chrome browser, but I was still unable to login - the authentication box keeps popping up.



Is the openXDA Console app connecting now?


Yes, the openXDA Console app is connecting.


But I am still not able to login to http://localhost:8989/


Hi Tumi,

There seems to be a fairly widespread issue where NTLM authentication fails for unknown reasons on certain networks. When this error occurs, the web server within openXDA will continually respond with 401, causing the browser to repeatedly ask for the user’s credentials. We have not been able to reproduce this issue, and HttpListener doesn’t provide enough information about the authentication process for us to even begin to understand what might be failing. As there are no other supported authentication mechanisms in openXDA, there are also no workarounds at this time.

Unless you can provide some more details to help us pin down the solution to this problem, like maybe inspecting the request and response headers, I don’t think there’s any way we can help you.