Loading openHistorian data to PI-Historian

Hi Ritchie,
Is there any way to load openHistorian archived data into PI-Historian? Or does some formatting needs to be done before that?

Well you can very easily simultaneously archive into openHistorian and OSI-PI, you would just add an instance of the PI Output Adapter to the custom output adapter screen, filling out needed parameters and setting ; sourceIDs=PPA - this makes any measurements targeted for PPA also flow to PI. The system will auto-synchronize metadata to PI and start sending data.

This requires that the OSIsoft AFSDK be installed on the same machine as openHistorian.

If you want take pre-existing data and send it to PI, you can do this too, but you would use an instance of openPDC to do it. In this case you could make openPDC subscribe to openHistorian via STTP. In the openPDC you would now setup a output adapter to OSI-PI.

To replay “history” you would now add StartTimeConstraint and StopTimeConstraint parameters to the connection string for the STTP connection to openHistorian. These values would be set to the desired start and stop times. When the adapter reinitializes, it will start reading from history and send the data to PI.

Hope that helps…


Thanks a lot Ritchie for the information. Will try to implement it and get back to you in case of any queries.