Issue in accessing the cable parameters (thickness of each layer, resistivity, permeabillity, etc.) of a power transmission system model in HYPERSIM through python API

I am a master’s thesis student currrently working on HYPERSIM for modelling a power transmission system comprising of land and submarine cables. I have to automatize the process of accessing (around 35) parameters from a csv file and changing of each parameters of these single core and multi-core cables through Python APIs. The performance of the distance protection will be evaluated then with a HIL setup with a real protection device with interface.
For that I have to know the library of each parameter, the name to access in python API. For instance, thickness of conductor, insulator, sheath, the value of earth-resistivity, etc.
I am facing a difficulty in this process. Kindly if you can support me in this case. Thanks alot.

Hi Zeeshan,

Your work on HYPERSIM for modeling power transmission systems sounds fascinating and quite complex. While our forum typically focuses on topics related to the Grid Solutions Framework, I can understand the overlap and your need for guidance. There may be some users of our forum who can help you here, but I don’t think anyone at GPA is in a position to provide guidance on this topic.

For automating the process of accessing and changing parameters via Python APIs in HYPERSIM, I recommend you refer to the official HYPERSIM documentation and user manuals, as they likely provide detailed information about available APIs and their usage.

Additionally, for more targeted support, you might find the following forums and communities more aligned with your specific needs:

  1. OPAL-RT Technologies Community Forum: This is a dedicated forum for users of HYPERSIM and other OPAL-RT products. You’ll likely find experts and fellow users who can provide insights and assistance. OPAL-RT Forum

  2. IEEE PES Community: The IEEE Power & Energy Society has a vibrant community of professionals and students working on power systems. Engaging with this community can provide you with valuable resources and networking opportunities. IEEE PES Community

  3. ResearchGate: This platform allows you to connect with researchers and experts in your field. You can ask questions, share your research, and collaborate with others. ResearchGate

  4. Stack Overflow: For programming-related questions, especially those involving Python APIs, Stack Overflow is an excellent resource. Make sure to tag your questions appropriately to reach the right audience. Stack Overflow

For your specific query regarding the parameters for single-core and multi-core cables in HYPERSIM, I suggest checking the HYPERSIM API reference guide for the exact library and parameter names. If you have access to HYPERSIM support, their team can also provide direct assistance.

Good luck with your thesis, and I hope this helps you move forward with your project!

Best regards,