How to get the PMU real time data into Kafka


Is there any way that we can load the PMU data into kakfa with any API(s)

Hi arun4ruu,

There exists an adapter in openPDC that will send PMU data to Kafka. If you intend to use C# code to send data to Kafka, it may help you to know that our KafkaAdapters project uses the Misakai.Kafka library.


Hi Stephen,

Thank You. I’ll use this.

The adapter publishes the real data which is in readable format

Hi Stephen,

Could you please provide the steps how to import the kafka adapter project into visual studio. Also, I have followed the below link which had been provided in the forum:

The KafkaAdapters project is part of the GSF solution, and it has dependencies on some of the other GSF projects. If all you want is to get KafkaAdapters into Visual Studio so you can modify and build it, then you can just download the GSF source code, extract the files, and then open the solution file (GridSolutionsFramework.sln). If you want to use KafkaAdapters in your project, you can simply build or download the KafkaAdapters.dll file and reference that assembly in your Visual Studio project.

I don’t have a code example because the KafkaAdapters project is written as a plugin to the openPDC architecture. So the typical process to set one up requires an installation of openPDC and then configuration of your input device(s) as well as the KafkaAdapters.TimeSeriesProducer output adapter. If you would like to implement your own Kafka interface using the Device to Data guide as a starting point, the KafkaAdapters.TimeSeriesProducer class is the closest you’re going to get to a code example.