How to feed the Output Measurements to a New Project?

Hi, all!

I am working on the analytics development of Local Voltage Controller (LVC) on openECA. In addition, I create a new project called (ShadowSys) using openECA Client, which simulates the system-wide power flow in order to test the function of LVC analytic. Using the ShadowSys solution in Visual Studio, I have created and setup a Windows service and run it locally, and openECA Manager can display the Output signal measurements from PPA:9 to PPA:20.

Now, I need to feed these measurements to my LVC analytic. I created new input mapping for it by selecting the Output signals from ShadowSys from PPA:9 to PPA:20. But the MainWindow remains blank and no error displayed when I run the TestHarness project, although I have already started the ShadowSysService at my background. It seems like the algorithm is not running at all.

I am wondering if I need to add some configurations to make my LVC analytic subscribe the Output measurements from ShadowSys. If there is any relative resources, please let me informed.

Thanks in advance!

Have you tried increasing the lag time of the LVC analytic in the UpdateSystemSettings() method?

Hi Stephen!

Thanks for your reply! I just tried changing SystemSettings.LagTime to 5, 10 and 20. But none of them works.

I create another project with other inputdata (as placeholder), then use the GSF.TimeSeries.Transport.DataSubcriber to create another channel to feed the data PPA:9 to PPA:20. This method works fine.

It seems kind of strange to me because I am not supposed to create this channel feeding “inputdata” since a generated openECA project should have handled them for me right?

Have you checked the output in the Subscriber and Concentrator tabs for errors? It may be a good idea to set up a WebEx so we can help troubleshoot.

Hi Stephen!

Nothing special shows up either in the Subscriber or Concentrator tab.

The concentrator status indicates that it is discarding all your measurements. The latency of the last discarded measurement is nearly 15 minutes. Any ideas on why the latency might be so large?

The analytic’s Algorithm.cs script run a power flow each frame, which takes around 1 sec each time Output is executed. I have no idea how could the latency be so large, since the openECA Manager is updating the output data nearly every 1 sec.