How configure more than one PMU on the OpenPDC

Hello to every one!

I’m trying to test some PMUs and I would like to use the OpenPDC as a concentrator, but I’m having some problems. First of all, I already got a communication between one PMU and the OpenPDC. The data frames were sent and I could visualize the data in the Graphs Measurements. I used the files saved from the PMU connection tester to do that. But when I tried to do the same for another PMU, it didn’t work. Well, my question is: How can I connect two PMUs direct to the OpenPDC. The PC and the PMUs are in the same network.

Hello rentriber,

What protocol are you using to receive the data (TCP/UDP)? If you are using UDP, you will need to either use a different port for each device or use the receiveFrom connection string setting to enable UDP port sharing and to sort out the packets by IP address.


Hello StephenCWills. Thanks for the attention!

I’m using TCP/IP and the PMUs have different IPs and ID Code. It seems to me that is needed to setup a concentrator, not being able connect in a direct way to more than one PMU. Am I right? Is it possible the OpenPDC receive in a direct way two data streams from two PMUs at the same time?


The openPDC shouldn’t have any problem connecting directly to two PMUs at the same time. There must be another reason why your second connection is failing. The openPDC reports errors through the openPDC Console as well as the ErrorLog.txt file located in the directory where you installed the openPDC. If you check those for signs of connectivity errors, it might help point us toward the cause.

Hi StephenCWills.

Into the Remote System Console I had the following answer:

Connection attempt failed: Normally is allowed only one utilization of each socket address (protocol/address of network/port) in “transportprotocol=tcp; server=;port=1000;interface=;islistener=true;maxSendQueueSize=-1; isConcentrator=0;accessID=234;timeZone=;timeAdjustmentTicks=0; phasorProtocol=IeeeC37_118V2; dataLossInterval=5; allowedParsingException=10;parsingExceptionWindow=5; delayedConnectionInterval=5; allowUseOfCachedConfiguration=1;autoStartDataParsingSequence=1; skipDisableRealTimeData=1; measurementReportingInterval= 100000; connectOnDemand=0”

The configuration of the PMUs were as follow:

FYI - both devices are trying to listen on the same port. Why is this a listening connection? Shouldn’t you be trying to connect to the device, not have the device connect to you?

If you want the device to connect to you, then each device will need to be listening on its own port…

The devices are clients. Is it possible the OpenPDC, as a server, listen both clients at the same port?
if I am not wrong the listener is the server, not the devices.

Could you clarify it to me? I do not know much about TCP/IP connections.

Thanks for the attention!

Yes, it should be possible. You need to add the receiveFrom field to the connection string and use the host name or IP address of each PMU to identify which client is which.

Normally, PMUs are setup as the “servers” where the openPDC is the “client” - again, normally. The only case where I have ever not known this to be true is with F-NET devices that are typically deployed in locations where “server” style access is impractical.

As such, the PMU should have an IP and port that the openPDC should connect to - in this mode the PMU is the listening (i.e., server) device - and the openPDC will connect to it.

You should be able to ping PMU if it’s on the same network (and network tools allow). The port for PMU’s is typically 4712.

As Stephen says - you can “share” a listening port for multiple devices using the receiveFrom field - but make sure that you are really wanting the openPDC to be the “server”.

Perhaps you can provide a little more detail about what you are trying to do…