Historical data configuration


I tried to configure openHistorian with a SQLite database. Here: Getting Data From the openHistorian · GridProtectionAlliance/openPDC Wiki · GitHub

Choose your database type:
I chose my database SQLite that i configure to openPDC, with my microPMU.

After that: Copy the openHistorian database and rename it to openPDC
But is also my database of openPDC(file pathname in openPDC). I only have to copy this datebase and rename it to know that is the database(with virtual device) to view historical data.

Other problem is:

I use a SQLite datebase and when i try to change this items i have an error. It is the same when i chage the value and not the name of column

Find the CustomInputAdapter table.
Find the custom input adapter created in step 6.
Change the TypeName to: openHistorian.Adapters.LocalInputAdapter
Change the AssemblyName to: openHistorian.Adapters.dll

It is possible to view historical data from a SQLite database? I use DB Browser for SQLite to edit database.

Thank you

It is possible to view historical data in openPDC with a csv file?

I extract a csv file from my batabase using historian Playback / Export Utility and select the dates that i want. It will be amazing if we can put this file on openPDC

The error you are receiving from SQLite browser indicates that your user account does not have write access, either to the db file or the directory that the db file is in. Note that SQLite needs to create a temporary log file for transactions when you run queries against the database so it will need write permission to the directory as well.

The openPDC itself doesn’t save historical data, but the default configuration for openPDC includes an openHistorian 1.0 archive that can be used to create CSV exports. The Historian Trending Tool that comes from openPDC should be capable of browsing openHistorian 1.0 archives and converting the historical data to CSV.


Thank you your answer. The database is openPDC.db (default file from installations) that i used to test microPMU. The directory is openPDC of installations.
The program openPDC has some block to overwrite the datebase that are provided?

I have csv file. I export csv from historian playback / export utility and now i want to do a graph on openPDC. Do you have some PDF to explain how produce the graphs on openPDC from csv or other files?

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Hi Aleixo,

I don’t understand what you are asking when you mentioned a block to overwrite the database in openPDC. If you installed openPDC to the Program Files folder with default permissions, and you placed your openPDC.db file within that directory or any of its subdirectories, then you will not have write access to the database unless you get elevated permissions through User Account Control (try Run As Administrator). The openPDC service does have write access to the database because the installer adjusts permissions so that the NT SERVICE\openPDC account has full access to the openPDC installation directory.

In order to display graphs for historical data, you will need to use the Historian Trending Tool that gets installed alongside openPDC. Operation of this tool is very similar to the Trend/Export webpage in openHistorian 2.0. The one caveat is that it opens the archive directly from the file system instead of reaching through the openPDC, so you may have to use the Open Archive control and navigate your file system to find the archive files.



Sorry if i do not explain well. Image → That’s why i can not edit database file. Your database file that come with installations. I used that openPDC.db in configuration setup utility and connect the microPMU to save data in that file.

Thanks your help

Ok. I find the solution to edit. Now i want to know if it is that change.

I can not open the file openPDC from directory of openPDC. I copy to desktop, open and change:

Change the TypeName to: openHistorian.Adapters.LocalInputAdapter
Change the AssemblyName to: openHistorian.Adapters.dll

It is the name of variable or the value like image?

Thanks for the help


I solved the problem using Historian Trending Tool. Export to csv and comtrade files. It is very good to see values. It is more simple than using a virtual device in openPDC.

Thanks for your help.