Grafana GPAPhasorMap plugin seems not to work


I’m trying to make a dashboard in Grafana 7.5.0 using the GPAPhasorMap plugin to show my 10+ PMU on the map provided with the plugin. I have completed the longitude and latitude fields of each of my PMU devices in OpenHistorian Manager but nothing appears on the map : The map is displayed fine, but it is ‘empty’.
Here is the configuration of the plugin :


I have selected the ‘OHDATA’ source and no query (but also tried with OHSTAT and PDCSTAT with no success either).

Is there something missing or wrong ?


PS : a little bug : when saving the dashboard, then close and open it again, the map is not shown properly and the panel stay black. I have to slightly resize the panel so that it appears again.

Hello !
I tried several parameters but I’m still unable to see My PMUs on the map that remain ‘empty’ (I can only see the overlay).
I have filled the GPS point in OpenHistorian ; and selected ‘OpenHistorian’ as the Location Data parameter. I have also put {Pointag} for the Data Filter parameter.
In the Filter part of the panel, I have put
FILTER ActiveMeasurements WHERE Description LIKE ‘%PMU_1%’

Do I miss something ?

Hope someone could help me !


Hi koruneko,

A couple of notes on your configuration:
If you want to see all your PMUs on the map you will need to leave the Data Filter parameter blank (see GrafanaAlarmPanel.documentation | OpenHistorian Device Status Alarm Panel Documentation)
You will also need to make sure you get data from your PMU’s since the map does not actually display PMUs but the data from the openHistorian DataSource. (e.g. What you specify in the Query Tab)

In addition I would recommend unchecking the Hide only nulls and Hide only Zeros Settings since those will hide your data if it is all 0 or does not contain any values.

You should also check if the Query actually returns any signals. The easiest way to do so is running the exact same query in a Graph Panel and making sure you get a line.

I hope this helps you to resolve the issue.