GEP Subscriber API


I am trying to use Data Subscriber API to receive measurements from openPDC to my application. openPDC containing PMU1, PMU2. if difference between timestamps of PMU1 and PMU2 is very large, I just only received data from one PMU.

Do you have any idea how to solve this?

Thanks in advance,

I suspect you are receiving all the data, assuming the configuration is correct.

However, if you are trying to use an action adapter and concentrate the data - the needed lag time will need to be at least as large as the difference in the timestamps from the PMUs.


Dear Ritchie,

Thank you for your prompt reply. I am trying to use GEP Subscriber API. In the NewMeasurementsCallback I am receiving all the data but some of measurements have no value.

Please help me to config the SubscriptionInfo to receive all data value.

Thanks in advance,

Do you mean some of the values are NaN? What do you mean when you say some of the measurements have no “value”?

Dear Ritchie,
Yes, some of the values are NaN.

Are you trying to say that the source device is not producing NaN values but you are receiving NaN values?

I’m a little at a loss - can you tell me a little more about your configuration?


Hi @ritchiecarroll and @songoku.

I had a similar problem due to different communication delays (latency) for each PMU.

The solution was to tune the “LagTime” to a point where you receive both PMU’s values. (You can try to increase the LagTime until you see all the data values OK)

I hope this will help you!

Hi @marco.gonzalez, @ritchiecarroll
Thank you for all your assistance. The problem is solved.