Deactive OpenPDC (Red Light)

I just installed openPDC in my system (Windows10). First, it was deactivated like this screenshot and the top light was red. Then I reinstalled everything again and it did work. But after I close the “OpenPDC Manager” and open it again sometime after that, it became deactivated again and the light turns red again. I tried to give it privilege through the firewall but it didn’t affect it.

Can anyone help me with it?


Hello Armina,

That light typically goes red when the openPDC service is not running. Something on your computer or in your configuration could be causing the openPDC service to fail. First, I would check the Windows Services manager to determine whether the openPDC service is running.

If it’s not running, then you’ll have to troubleshoot to determine the reason why. If it is running, then there must be some other reason why the openPDC Manager is unable to connect to the service, and will require a different set of troubleshooting steps.


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Thank you Stephen
I’ve looked into the files and didn’t found anything named OpenPDC Service. Can you tell me which directory should I usually look for it?


The openPDC Service is a Windows Service, which is a term used differentiate processes that execute even when no one is logged into the system. You can manually start and stop services using the Window Services Manager that I mentioned before.

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