Daylight savings in grafana - Openhistorian


I’ve set up an openHistorian platform and connected it to two PMUs which seems to be working fine, but I am facing the issues with timestamping. In short, while the time is reported in UTC, the time displayed in grafana seems to always have a one hour offset (as in, its showing 8:00 when it should be showing 9:00 local time). I assume this is related to daylight savings.

I have been playing around with the settings in openhistorian and even tried to account for the offset in the time I send for my PMU, but nothing seems to work. Is there any way to configure the openHistorian so that it uses local time in grafana?

Thanks in advance


Just for context, I am using the following versions of OpenHistorian and Grafana

It may help :

You can select ‘browser time’ or specify a country.
This from Grafana 9 but I remember there was such options in Grafana 7 too.