Connection closed by remote device

Dear Sir,

I have used PMU Connection Tester to check the connection for three PMUs. The connections establishes as shown in the screenshot A

But after few seconds the connection stops with the following error.
Connection closed by remote device.

Thanks and Regard,
Adnan Iqbal

What are you connecting to? A PDC? It says that the device you are connecting to closed the connection.

I have simulated 3 PMUs in Real Time Digital simulator (RTDS). I checked the connection individually for the three PMUs, and it will disconnect after few seconds.

Is the data source based on a file? Could the simulator be closing the connection when the data stream ends?

You could try switching to UDP also to see if that is more reliable.


Okay, I will try the UDP connection. Thankyou for the quick suggestion.

Adnan Iqbal